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Thread: Xbox 20th Anniversary

  1. Xbox 20th Anniversary

    I did not get my Xbox on day one, as a matter of fact, I waited 2 years to pick one up. I believe MS was no longer manufacturing Xbox's at that time, because of the massive losses they would take on each console sold, so I ended up getting a used one that was in great shape. I looked at the manufacturer date of mine last week, and it turns out that it was a (11-9-2001) launch model. Owning the PC versions of Halo and KOTOR was what swung me over to getting the console. KOTOR ran like crap on my PC and would often crash, so I had to get it on Xbox.

    Here's my collection, along with a few strategy guides and magazines I bought along the way. I have the Duke somewhere, but I couldn't locate it at the time I took these pictures. The Xbox was my goto rig from late 2003 to 2006.

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  2. Very sexy sir!
    6-6-98 - 6-6-18 Happy 20th Anniversary TNL

  3. OG Xbox is one of my favorites. I bought it a couple of years in when they released Steel Battalion. That thing is still epic to this day. I consider it as a successor to Dreamcast with so many Sega exclusives.

    I will post my favorite games later, but there are a lot.

  4. OG Xbox is the console that got me into HD gaming. I bought a 32" Sony Hi-Scan CRT in late 2005 as a floor demo unit from Fry's for $800. What's sad is that I ended up getting another one of those displays for $500 brand new, less than a year later.

  5. I was working at Gamestop and what pushed me to get an Xbox was everyone losing their minds over Knights of the Old Republic. I was like 18 or so, had very little money, had to make choices with my purchases, and KotOR just was too much to resist.

    There was something so specific about the games and style of OG Xbox vs PS2 vs GC eras. There were way more exclusives it felt like back then, and it gave a lot of personality to each system. I don't know if anything since has captured the same magic for me as that generation for a myriad of reasons.

  6. I got mine for Capcom vs SNK 2 online! I had a horrible cheap stick for it but got the half decent SF 15th anniversary stick later. I bought most multiplatform games on it since they ran better on the Xbox.

    Also this:

  7. Xbox 360 was the only Xbox I ever owned. My kid brother had one (much younger than me, I was already living on my own before he could hold a controller), and I liked getting him all the good games for it like Psychonauts and Stanger's Wrath, but I mostly played PC ports myself.

    I think Xbox in its current form has a lot of vision, moving to a service instead of just a piece of hardware. I love Game Pass, playing the latest Xbox stuff on my computer, and then streaming it to my phone if I'm on the go (which is super playable with a good low-latency USB controller grip). I don't have a need for an Xbox in my life but I can still enjoy the service and that feels like the future to me.

  8. Here are some of my favorite OG Xbox games, in no particular order:

    Breakdown - Not the first FPS with hand2hand combat, but this is the first one I can think of that actually felt right. I play this every so often to this day, and a BC game on the ecosystem.

    Phantom Dust - Such a weird combination of card (orb) collecting/real time arena combat game with some cool character art.

    Gun Valkyrie - I wish Sega would bring back this game. I got stuck in one of the vertical stages, hope to go back to it someday.

    Outrun 2/Coast to Coast 2006 - Best ports of the arcade games, I think C2C 2006 is pricey now.

    Panzer Dragoon Orta - This is my favorite PD game. It looks gorgeous, has the best stages and pretty challenging with lots of unlockables. In Japan, it even has a special edition Xbox console that is hands down best special edition console ever.

    Project Gotham Racing 2 - This started as Metropolis Street Racer on Dreamcast and migrated to Xbox.
    One of the best racers on the system, and arguably ever. I played online a bit and it was smooth as butter.

    Forza Motorsports - Playing Forza Horizon 5 this week reminded me that this series started on the OG Xbox. Better than Gran Tourismo except perhaps in the # of cars, this game can get tedious as sim racers tend to do.

    Ninja Gaiden/Black - This 3D reimagining of the NES series is one of the best action games. Punishing difficulties help distinguish this from run-of-the-mill 3D beatemups so popular at the time. They made an even better version called Black and spawned 2 sequels on the 360/PS3.

    ESPN NFL/NHL/NBA - Back when Sega/Visual Concepts competed with EA Sports, they actually made better sports games. NFL 2K5 in particular was a bold move, being a better NFL licensed game (swan song) and sold better than Madden because it was retailed at $20 MSRP. I always prefer the 2K series for the 3 major sports and it is sad to see only NBA survived to this day. Doubly sad that NBA 2K turned into a loot box/paid to win franchise.

    Steel Battalion - I haven't seen a developer since Capcom went all out on creating a unique experience. The dedicated controller is insane with dual sticks and tons of buttons and lights, it even has a dedicated eject button. The game is also very difficult. You have to eject or you will permadeath through the campaign. The game looks great, with grainy/WW2-esque aesthetics and you positively feel the weight of mech. I regret never playing the online version of the game at the time.

    Knights of the Old Republic - Meat bag, enough said.

    There are so many others that deserve a mention. Sega's lineup is great, in addition to the ones mentioned above: Spikeout, Otogi 1/2 (FROM software/Sega published), Crazy Taxi 3, House of the Dead 3, Shenmue 2, Jet Set Radio Future, Toe Jam & Earl 3. Tons of great racing games like Rallisport Challenge 1/2, Burnout series, Midtown Madness, Colin McRae/TOCA. Morrowind, Jade Empire, KOTOR 2 rounds out the RPG genre. Psychonauts, Oddworld's Stranger's Wrath, Chronicles of Reddick, GTA Trilogy, Yager are worthy mentions.

    And I haven't even mentioned it Halo

  9. I used a Game Shark to upload new rosters to NFL2K5, that game was awesome. I also loved MLB2K5; the button mashing when you locked onto a pitch was a cool concept. I don’t see either game in the stack of games I pictured above, but neither is the DOA 2 Ultimate collection.

    I preferred Outrun 2 to Outrun C2C, because it was designed for the Xbox hardware. You can see a substantial drop in polygon counts for the areas designed for the lesser hardware in C2C.

    Modern Vintage Gamer paid homage to the Xbox a couple of days ago.

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  10. I found my missing Xbox stash. It was on another book shelf.

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