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Thread: Completion Thread 2022 Edition ~ Underture

  1. 5) Cyberpunk 2077

    It's so fucking good. Some studios you just know the formula they use even in different series, right? Like new Fallout is just Elderscrolls with guns. Red Read Redemption is just GTA in the old west. Cyberpunk 2077 is The Witcher in the future and it just works. I put 40 hours into this game in like a week, which is unbelievable for me, granted some time off from work for me mixed with kids in school and wife at work gave me some crazy days I got to play a ton, but it's rare for a new IP to suck me in so hardcore. The last time I was this absorbed in a game from start to finish was FFVII Remake and that had nostalgia on it's side.

    Play this game. Play it.

  2. 6) Horizon Forbidden West

    The first game but slightly better in every way. Sets up a third game to finish out the series quite nicely. Really happy I gave this game the full time it needed to do all the side quests and even most mini games, they really flesh out the world and none are irrelevant to the world and just filler.

    7) The Legend of Zelda

    I don't know why but looking at the Switch NES library I clicked on Legend of Zelda and suddenly 2 hours and 44 minutes later Ganon was dead. I played this game a lot as a kid, so like 75% of the game I had completely memorized, but I'm still surprised how quickly I got through it. I only needed a map for level 9, and honestly that's just because I remembered 75% of that map is just filler and didn't want to wander around. Final fight is still kind of RNG bullshit trying to guess where he'll invisibly shoot a fireball from, but overall a good use of a night.

  3. #3/4/5 - Space Harrier, Altered Beast, Golden Axe

    I recently picked up an Astrocity Mini from Amazon JPN for a song. For these mini system releases, the Astrocity is really decent with excellent emulation, ability to hook up to TV and use a variety of third party controllers. I rock the 8bitdo M30 wireless on it and it works seamlessly. I want to play through some of my favorite arcade classics with as few continues as possible, and did alright with Space Harrier and Golden Axe. These 2 will always be my favorite games from the 80s arcades, but Altered Beast did not age well. After the first stage, it is so poorly designed that it is almost impossible not to get hit. Even after getting 3 power balls to transform into a beast, you still pretty much a giant hit box with enemies coming every which way. I will probably never touch it again other than play the first stage as it is still visually and aurally impressive without being punishing you every step of the way.

    #6 Cyberpunk 2077 (XBSX)

    I echo pretty much what Opaque said. The real character of the game is definitely Night City, and it is good to see that the dev even pointed this out toward the end game. I did every side mission/gig/NCPD mini-missions in game before the final mission and basically became a netrunner god. I can pretty much hack into everything include compelling enemies to commit suicide. I didn't bother to craft anything, maybe I should try that. I did chose poorly and got a bittersweet ending, I will need to replay the last mission (which is quite long) and see some of the other endings. It is a shame this game got such bad press from bugs and shouldn't have been released for PS4/XB1.

  4. #7 Kena Bridge of Spirits (PS5)

    Kena surprised me. I originally thought this is some cutesy platformer, but it turns out to be a very tough action game. It also features Disney-esque graphics and design, the world is just gorgeous. It doesn't overstay its welcome, although the game isn't huge, the devs hid a ton of stuff to find and I only managed about 80% of it. Game is really tough, I struggled a bit with normal difficulty and after finishing it, the master diff is unlocked. I don't think I will even try it as the game is fair but punishing. I would play it again tho as I love the character designs, story, and the world.
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  5. #8 A Memoir Blue (XBSX)

    It is a walking simulator, although you don't do much walking. Click here click there to watch some scenes. Wasn't particularly moving to me but the music was quite soothing. It is on GamePass and super easy achievements are the best things I can say about it.

  6. 8) Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

    The second best Borderlands ever and if the DLC is done right might end up being the best. The removal of cars and addition of spells/melee weapons changes the direction of the game in a good way; especially since the later adds another "always on" enhancement spot. Speaking of enchantments you can now re-roll them for a secondary currency (earned through playing, not micro-transaction bullshit) so you can really stack on ability enchantments to create incredible builds.

    If you start playing make your main class Stabbomancer, period. Every insane build is just a combo of that and something else, I wouldn't have mained Clawbringer if I knew that. Not that is super matters, any class plus Stabbomancer is incredible.

  7. 4. Infernax

    For me at least, this appeared out of nowhere on GamePass and it's pretty awesome. Mix OG Castlevania, with some Simon's Quest, and a splash of Zelda II and you get Infernax. Game never overstayed its welcome, controls are tight, difficulty fair, and the music is fantastic. Highly recommended!

    5. Tunic

    I can't remember how long ago I saw this at a Microsoft E3 press briefing. The look of the game alone makes me want to like it. It released on GamePass, so I gave it a shot. It took one false start and second try to sort get used to the controls (I don't know why, I may have picked it up on an off day). It's 3/4 perspective action/adventure game with small RPG elements. That being said, the game is cryptic AF. All of the clues are done through an in game manual, that is in some made up language, that you get 2 pages at a time as you traverse the game world. On a side note, the art in the in game manual is fantastic and I hope the developer makes printed copies available for purchase, though I guess that would "break the game" for people that haven't played it. I got all of the achievements in the game but I don't know if it was b/c of how much I liked vs. my OCD. Either way, I still recommend it, but not with the same fervor as Infernax.

  8. #9 D&D Dark Alliance (XBSX)

    This got bad reviews across the board when it was first released. I think it has been patched and a lot of the bugs have been fixed since. While I enjoyed playing through the 24 or so stages, I am not sure I can really recommend it. It is a pretty basic action game that is designed to be played with 3 other players. I couldn't find any game online to join, so I solo'ed the whole game. It is fun playing as Drizzt, and I do like the loot grind. But there are plenty of better action rpgs and I wouldn't bother unless you really like Drizzt like I did.

    One tip is to never use the lock-on, it is broken and will just give you a headache.

  9. Here it is April and I've finally completed my 1st game of the year with Guardians of the Galaxy for the PC. The banter between the characters was pretty damned funny and I think that it might actually be better than that of the movies. I especially like the comments from Drax, with his too the point view of what people say. This game had so many WTF moments, including the rolling credits where you keep seeing a name replacing someone else's name and I had to do a double take, before I realized that things were not what I'd thought they were. Then there was the real credits, followed by some outstanding artwork from the game, using an 80s special effect that I really loved. It was free on Gamepass and I do plan on picking it up for PS5, once can actually purchase the console.

    This level looked fucking amazing in HDR. It's too bad that you can't really see how it looks, without it being on an HDR set. Drax outfit, along with the glowing embers in the background looks crazy good.

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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Opaque View Post
    8) Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

    The second best Borderlands ever and if the DLC is done right might end up being the best.
    Can't help but reflect on this after the single worst DLC in Borderlands history just dropped. It's about 1/3rd the length of free content from BL3 but it cost $9.99 (or is part of a season pass that's 4 parts for $29.99) so if you play Wonderlands, and you should, maybe skip the DLC until further notice.


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