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Thread: Completion Thread 2022 Edition ~ Underture

  1. #22 - Mighty Goose I saw this on Gamepass' soon to expire list and decided to give it a go. It is a pretty short and fun run-n-gun game. It doesn't take itself too seriously and not super hard like Blazing Chrome. I wish I had more time to get better grades on some of the stages so I might preorder the physical release from LRG.

    #23 - Ghostwire Tokyo This is a Japanese horror-esque FPS exclusively on PS5 (at least for console). I really like the ability to roam freely in Tokyo (albeit empty of humans). It reminds me quite a bit of Assassin's Creed in that you have to unlock certain parts of the city by cleansing each gate. Also similar to AC, there are literally thousands of collectibles. If you are OCD (like me), I suggest not playing this game as I spent most of time in-game trying to find everything. There are these souls you can collect (to send back to living) and by my estimates, there are over 2000. On top of it, there are like 5 different types of collectibles, which probably add another 200+ things hidden all over the city. You have limited flight ability to fly around and a scan button to find items. I would recommend not focused in trying to find all the souls since there are just too many of them and would take too much time to find them all. The story started out interesting but turned pretty meh toward the end. I enjoyed the combat quite a bit, even though it is a FPS, it feels very different shooting elemental magic (wind/water/fire) and sucking the cores from downed enemies. The monsters are suitably creepy. I had a good time with the game, maybe slightly above average.

  2. 18) Ghostwire Tokyo

    Game is all over the place in terms of quality. The controls are very stiff and many of the mechanics just feel dated and rough around the edges. Like how many things can you possibly use the L2 button for before you step back a re-evaluate your control scheme. There's also a lot of busy work to be busy. Like the 2000 souls kof brought up? Some of them you have to hit L2 to initiate removing a blockage, then a shape is drawn on screen, then you draw the shape on the controller, then press L2 and R2 to remove the blockage, then you press L2 to finally absorb the souls. It's not done quick like a combo, it's slow and deliberate and just feels like steps for the sake of steps. Rain in this game looks like dogshit.

    On the other hand, the layout of the city is pretty fucking rad and the aesthetic of the world and enemies is top notch. Wandering around and looking at the details is very enjoyable. Whenever you're in distortion or mirage state the game looks fucking amazing. There's one part where the world is rotating and these books and magazines are sliding around on the walls outlining doors and windows and if those exact visuals where in a CG movie you'd be impressed.

    So yeah, probably a 6/10 but has some building blocks for what could be a really good follow up.

    19) Exo One

    Another Gamepass game. General idea is you take control of an alien spacecraft which can increase it's gravity or decrease and flatten to kind of sling shot yourself around worlds heading towards a teleporter thing. First level there's a lot of curved areas and it's easy to use gravity to pull yourself down into them, then release it at the bottom to shoot out the other side and the glide around until you can do it again on a bigger scale. Second level introduces some neat propulsion mechanics tied to either wind or structures you fly through. Third level introduces water which kind of uses buoyancy to pop you out and gain speed if you drag yourself in at the right angle.

    Then every world after is just either cramped or more spread out in a way that just makes it slower, but never hard or challenging, just lame. Only take an hour or two, so not a big time sink.

    Get high and finish it in a single sitting or just skip it.

    20) Tinykin

    If you like Pikmin even a little and you have gamepass, play this game.

    It's basically Pikmin, inside a house, with platforming mechanics and the friendliest follower mechanics possible. They can't die (neither can you really) and the game auto selects the correct one for the situation so you can launch them around without negative consequence.

    The whole house is populated by bugs, and when combined with the 2d design of all bugs and your player character, gives off a Bugs Tale vibe.

    Highly recommended. If this was TNL 15 years ago we wouldn't be shutting up about this game.
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  3. #24 Forgotten Worlds (Arcade)

    I recently reconfigured Mister FPGA (which is absolutely amazing, btw) and one of the arcade cores happened to be my favorite arcade game in the late 80s. The original arcade has a spinner so you can rotate your guy, which gives it the flexibility of enemy placement, etc. Within the core, you can map the rotate left/right to shoulder buttons so it kinda works, but it doesn't rotate as fast as I would have liked. Maybe there are some tweaks I can mess with. In any case, I love the 80s theme and the game, for the most part, is fair and not ridiculously difficult like other quarter munchers. I was able to get through the first 3 stages without dying, and really only have to start "pumping in quarters" at the final boss (which takes up a quarter of the screen and shoots large/wide lasers). It is great to have this game emulated perfectly on a hardware level, if I can get the rotating part dialed in, it would be just about perfect. The home ports on Genesis/T16 CD, while valiant, just falls short in both controls and gfx like most arcade ports.

    #25 Maid of Sker (XBSX)

    This is basically a first person Resident Evil clone without the combat. You are stuck in a mansion trying to solve puzzles and figure out the story. Since you cannot fight, the anxiety can be quite high as the only real thing you can do is to sneak around these blind guys by hold your breath (for a brief period of time). There is a part that is basically like the Nemesis where you are constantly being hunted. I enjoyed the game quite a bit but it can get taxing with all the sneaking around and not being able to fight back. Some puzzles are quite clever but for the most part, it is fairly straightforward. I enjoyed this game a lot and it didn't overstayed its welcome. I recommend this (especially if you have GamePass).
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  4. 21)The Forgotten City

    Short Version: My dudes, it's really good.

    Long Version: If you like Skyrim and are interested in maybe the best single location quest line that "could have been", you gotta play this. Originally made as a Skyrim mod (you can tell) the entire thing was redone and released as a full game. Because of this they had to change anything that was a Skyrim reference, so when you play the story takes place in Rome and references Greece and Egypt not Dwemer. Without ruining the story, which is the entire point of this game really, you get to do some pretty fun stuff with concurrent quest completion and there's genuinely a few branching paths that can lead to building towards getting the true ending, so trial and error is never punished. This is important because any "sin" will initiate The Golden Rule and have everyone in the city including you turned to gold; I'm guessing that originally that was meant to keep you from pocket picking, stealing and killing your way to a solution originally and it totally works still.

    Leaves Gamepass sometime this month, takes about 7 hours to complete.

    22) The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe

    An updated version with about double the endings and things to do of the original. If you're unfamiliar it's a great experience and you need to play it. Won't spoil anything, but just keep doing different shit. Do shit you think pointless. Go backwards for no reason. Do the same thing many times in a row. You'll constantly be surprised by what the narrator will say and what consequences will be for even minor decisions being made over and over.
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  5. #26 The Forgotten City

    Thanks to Opaque's recommendation, I finished this in a few nights. I was turned off by it initially but once you get familiar with the cast, the story is quite interesting. I unlocked all 4 endings and enjoyed this little game. I wish it wasn't done in the Skyrim engine as it hasn't aged well. Thankfully there isn't very many platforming to make it annoying.

  6. #27 - Splatterhouse (T16 core - Mister)

    I finally took the time to setup my Mister FPGA properly and hooking it up to CRT monitor is virtually indistinguishable with the actual systems. The difference is that Mister is so much more flexible in terms of controllers and video outputs. Anyway, since it is around Halloween, I wanted to play Splatterhouse as I have never gotten beyond stage 3. It is an interesting game in that your body/hitbox positioning is absolutely paramount in getting further in game. I always felt a bit frustrated on the inconsistency of landing hits. Once I accepted this, it is fairly smooth sailing. The game is actually pretty easy, maybe except the final boss, which isn't even that hard but just frustrating in dodging his hands. I think this is actually the first T16/PCE game that I have finished as well!

    #28 - Ninja Spirit (T16 core - Mister)

    The 2nd T16/PCE game that I have completed. This is a fantastic port of the arcade game, really one of the best looking T16 games and controls very well. Similar to Splatterhouse, I have never gotten far into it for some reason but using an arcade stick on Mister makes this feel so much better. Game is fairly easy once you figure out when to use the sword and when to use the bomb (against bosses). The only stupid part is the final stage where you fall down a pit and there are random ninjas all over that gives you no time to either dodge or kill, so you just have to trial and error a path toward the final boss. Final boss is a piece of cake too, I beat him the first time. Overall this is one of the best T16 games, right up there with Legendary Axe, Bloody Wolf, Blazing Laser, and Devil's Crush.

  7. 23) Bioshock Infinite

    I was really just looking for some quick games to pass time until God of War and I had the collection lying around, hadn't played Infinite since launch and figured why not. My wife actually ended up watching the whole thing for the story, which in the end confused her greatly and required a lot of explanation. I remember really liking Infinite when I first played it at launch, but now I think it's clearly the weakest of the 3. Worth playing, but if I was going to do it all over again I'd probably play them in chronological game order going from Infinite to 1 to 2.

    24) Outer Worlds DLC

    I'm going to count this since doing both DLCs is about half as long as the main game if you do everything. I really enjoyed Outer Worlds originally, saying in 2019 that it felt like a proof of concept for a new larger game eventually, which hopefully Outer Worlds 2 will be. The thing I loved most about the game is still true in the DLC: the web of possibilities with quests, how they interlink, and how the domino effect goes is fantastic and more impressive than any 3D Fallout, including New Vegas. Unfortunately the things I didn't like about the game are even MORE true in the DLC: the sense of progression is bad. Choosing negative effect for a skill point is worthless then the skill points unlock worthless things, you hit level cap way too quickly,the levels are expansive but still feel like contained levels not open worlds. I think that unfortunately the second DLC really suffered from these as I entered it already at the raised level cap, having never once grinded in this game, and it meant that doing side quests, hacking and picking locks didn't yield any rewards, which doesn't feel good in an RPG about character growth. I still think Outer Worlds is good, but there's room to make Outer Worlds 2 great with some tweeks that a bigger budget can probably help accommodate.
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  8. You guys are freaking animals. I'm embarrassed to say that I finally finished my 3rd game of the year, but the games I've completed are pretty lengthy.

    I've finally finished up Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PC. I guess I got a little more motivated to push through, since I got the RTX 3090. I'd thought that I'd completed this game several days ago, after Arthur's story ended, but to my surprise, John's story picked up from after he last met Arthur several years ago. John's story was pretty cool and I liked the closure the game had in the end. The pacing of the game was much better than the original, which I never felt compelled to complete.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Opaque View Post
    23) Bioshock Infinite

    I was really just looking for some quick games to pass time until God of War and I had the collection lying around, hadn't played Infinite since launch and figured why not. My wife actually ended up watching the whole thing for the story, which in the end confused her greatly and required a lot of explanation. I remember really liking Infinite when I first played it at launch, but now I think it's clearly the weakest of the 3. Worth playing, but if I was going to do it all over again I'd probably play them in chronological game order going from Infinite to 1 to 2.
    This is one of the most disappointing games I've played. I loved 1 and 2 and Infinite does nothing better. It's like they weren't sure what to do during development and ended up putting out just another FPS. No gameplay advancements, they take way too long to give you all of the abilities, the weapon selection is a joke, and I didn't like the level design.

  10. 25) God of War Ragnarok

    I'll start by saying this isn't the GOTY, it's good, but I think Elden Ring is clearly the better game and in my opinion even Horizon Forbidden West is a better PS exclusive from this year, though that second comparison might be because of my taste in games.

    The game is rock solid start to finish, has a great story and looks incredible. I'll probably finish all the side quests and collectibles now that I'm in the post game, but in total I found it to not quite live up to 2018 in terms of total impact mostly because of what felt like a "non of that mattered" decision made in the final act. Play it, expect a really good game.


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