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Thread: Completion Thread 2022 Edition ~ Underture

  1. #29 Double Dragon (Mister Arcade Core)
    Double Dragon was one of the most popular arcade games growing up and really defined the beat'em up genre before Final Fight (for me at least). I remember putting many quarters into this game, and never gotten very far. Of course, back then I was young and didn't know how to pull off "the elbow". This is one of those games where you can pretty much beat it with that one move, and it is fun to do it once in awhile. I did died a few times due to a few platforming/stage pitfalls. But that's part of the charm, I suppose. This is one arcade game that I think I can actually 1cc. Still enjoyable if you like a simpler beat'em up, but I would recommend DD Advance on the GBA, as that game is an amazing update to this.

    #30 A Plague's Tale: Innocence (XBSX)
    This is a tough one for me. I love everything about the game except for the gameplay. The graphics, music, setting, voice acting, and narrative are all amazing. But I didn't really enjoy the gameplay. It is basically a sneaking game with horrible combat. The puzzles are very simple, the sneaking is basic, and the boss fights are dumb due to the combat mechanics. I really did like everything else about the game, but about halfway through it became a chore. I do want to try the sequel which just came out but may need a break from this.

  2. I wanted to play A Plague's Tale: Innocence before Requiem came out and that didn't happen. I just finished Requiem and I think your thoughts on the first game, kof, hold mostly true for the sequel.

    The presentation of the game is fantastic, there are more than a few standout scenes. The story comes to life through the tremendous VO work. Good lord is it depressing though, there is a ton of death from start to finish. They named it Requiem for a reason. It's longer than I thought it would be, I think it took me at least 16 hours to clear the 17 chapters (that is with getting stuck a few times). Puzzles are easy.

    From what I understand, the combat has been expanded a bit but it's pretty limited. All of the opponents are bigger than Amicia so if they get close you are dead in one or two hits. The intent is to be as stealthy as you can with one or two emergency way outs to stay alive. You can cheese your way through these sections though. Once you get a certain distance from the exit (when you find it! The game is very linear but figuring out where you need to go in the stealth areas can be confusing) you can simply sprint to get out. Once the door animation starts, it pushes you through no matter what.

    Amicia is a ranged-based character, so with the right tools and distance, you can go on the offense. The game forces you to do this in a few arenas where you have to kill your way out of. They do have a decent amount of variety with the enemy types which is basically armor based. No helmet? Rock to the head. Helmet? Burn 'em or crossbow. Shield, no helmet? Flank, rock to the back of the head. Full armor? Stun, hit the weak point to remove the body armor, impale or burn. She doesn't attack quickly, reloading takes time without any upgrades, and she always feels rather clumsy even though she becomes more capable as you go. It's impossible to fully upgrade everything (I only maxed one ability) in one playthrough so you need to be picky (protip: sling and crafting ammo). You have to be decisive in picking who to take out first, position yourself appropriately, use the environment, and stick and move to avoid getting overwhelmed. The game is liberal with leaving crafting supplies around so I never ran out of anything, I always had what I needed to get through an area. The different ammo you can make is inventive and makes things interesting because it gives you options in almost every encounter.

    I liked this quite a bit but I think it's a one and done gaming experience because the gameplay isn't the best.

  3. Sounds like it is pretty much the same formula. I will play Requiem at some point.

  4. Wolfenstein: The New Order

    I played WII: The New Colossus a few years ago and had a blast. New Order came out 3 years before this and you can see everything great in TNC starting here. The quick review: this is a great FPS. Enough plot to be interesting and not bog the game down. Great level and sound design help prop up how fun the weapons are. The controls are great and there's a whole lot to play through so it feels like a complete game. I played through on normal and found the challenge to be just right. Hit a few walls where the game goes full Doom by throwing a ton of enemies at you. I'm going to play The Old Blood soon since I liked this so much. Killing Nazis doesn't really get old.

    Speaking of Nazis...

    Zombie Army 4: Dead War

    This is a spin off from the Sniper Elite franchise (I'm going to get back to SE 5 soon) and it fucking rules. I like the RPG elements of the upgrades and abilities of the different characters and there is a ton of content made for this game. I think the main campaign is well over 14 hours long, especially on your first play through. Runs like a dream on XSX and if you just want to have a blast blowing up evil, it doesn't get much better than this. It's got an arcade shooter set up with scoring (bonuses for kill combos, and you get graded at the end etc) which adds to how fun the game is. Great level design with a huge variety of locations and set pieces and once again, great weapon selection where what you bring with you makes a big difference on how you'll play. Hitler is the end boss fight and it's pretty wild. The challenge on normal is very good, although I got stuck in a few kill rooms where the difficulty spike seems to go off the charts (possessed tanks are a bitch to deal with and the green house level drove me insane on one gauntlet section where I didn't have the best gear and ammo supply for).

  5. 26) Vampire Survivors

    I don't know that you can truly "complete" this game 100% without spending a million hours on it and going back every update, not that this thread has ever been about 100%-ing games anyway. So why do I think I completed it? Well I saw the end credits (twice) and I have a dude who can literally get to an unkillable state in under 2 minutes. Once you start the exponential golden egg farm you turn into a nonsense god. He has +29 amount meaning if I pick up say the wand he shoots 30 shots by default. I can't even pick certain weapons if I want to gold farm because eventually they slow the game down so much it's counter productive. In fact now the best option for this guy is to only allow 2 weapons and to pick fireworks to start and then garlic when it comes up (usually in the first few second because first kill produces something like 10 levels) and then just stand still in Bone Zone until I decide to end the round.

    Game was really fun to learn to break. Probably the most pure fun game of the year.

    27) Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut

    I'm so torn on this game. It's clearly polished, has great style and is technically sound. Maybe it's because I just played Ragnarok and maybe it's because every Sony exclusive is reslly starting to feel the same, but this is just another semi open world collectathon a la GoW/Horizon and it doesn't do anything specially well enough for me to recommend it.

    I say that, but after finishing the story I'm going to do the added island that the Directors Cut introduced, so take that for what it's worth. Not going to 100% all the side quests, and fuck going to every boring box check location like the hot springs, fox dens and haiku, but here I am continuing to do main story post game content.

    28) Hades

    I'm not really one for roguelikes but I am one for trying well received games. This wasn't really up my ally but the style and quality kept me invested through killing Hades twice. Not really interested in doing more of the loop, but I don't know what else to start right now, so who knows.
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  6. #31 Vampire Survivors (XBSX)

    This is Indie GOTY for me. It is so simple, yet so addictive. I completed the game by going on the last secret stage and defeated the boss. I did all the unlockables and collection, all the characters and pretty much a walking death machine. In my last run, I did over 150k kills on Gallo Tower. It was crazy how fast Queen Sigma can mow down everything once powered up.


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