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Thread: Uncharted Movie

  1. Uncharted Movie

    It looks pretty cool, though I don't know if I like (fitting for the role) who they chose to play Nathan Drake. Mark Walberg is cool and all, but I was expecting a much older man to play the part of Sully.

  2. They should have hired these guys to do the film. Nathan Fillion is a perfect fit for the role of Nathan Drake.

  3. Tom Holland is a little young for the role, but he isn't that young and he is a good actor so hopefully the movie is good.

    Mark Walberg is terrible in any movie.

  4. While the movie looks good enough, none of these castings ring true to the source characters.

    Considering the only difference between Uncharted and Indiana Jones IS the characters, having actors who don't match those characters in almost any way seems like a big miss.

  5. The character image is very beautiful, the movie will surely be very successful.
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  6. if you don't know if it is successful by now, I suggest to time travel to present.

  7. My 2 cents. I never bothered to watch this on Netflix. And I guess it's still available. Oh well...

  8. My wife watched it and said it was mediocre.

    Movies are like my final resort to fill time, after games and TV shows, so I'll never ever watch this thing.


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