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Thread: This year's haul: 2022

  1. I stopped playing Days Gone on the PS4, because the hoards are just too demanding on the hardware. I'm going to play it on the PS5, when I get the console.

    A friend and I decided to stop by a thrift store, that was next door to a business we were visiting. I saw on a shelf, what I'd thought was an MS Sidewinder stick, but it turned out that it was a Thrustmaster flight stick for the PC and PS3. It was in two pieces, so I got it home, cleaned it up and attached the two pieces back together. Pretty good find for $12.

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  2. I bet that's gonna be real fun to play with.

    When I was messing around with the newest Ace Combat I was thinking the whole time how any flight stick would be pretty fun.

  3. I hear it works really well with Star Wars Squadrons. I used it to play Fight Simulator 2020 and you can twist the stick to turn with the rudders. It's awesome!

    I got these for Christmas. I'm really enjoying the Atari 50th Anniversary disc. It's cool to see some of the interviews on there, along with being able to play some of those old arcade games from my youth. I'd spent over an hour with it today.

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  4. Twisting the stick to turn the rudder is awesome until it starts doing it on its own. Be warned. It's an easy fix involving taking apart the actual stick. And it is awesome in Ace Combat 7 and Squadrons. Especially in the VR portions. Also makes trash like Air Conflicts: Secret Wars vaguely acceptable. . Be warned that not all Playstation flight sims accept the stick and the store is very good at being vague about it.


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