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Thread: This year's haul: 2022

  1. This year's haul: 2022

    I've had my eye on a 4K 120 Hz television for a little over 6 months now. I'd noticed my local MicroCenter had a 55" 4K/120Hz OLED display from LG back then, and I'd decided that I wanted to purchase it. It supports G-Sync and Free-Sync, so it fit all of my needs for a new television for the living room. I did a little researching and it turned out that LG's OLED televisions were at the very top of every television available. I started setting money aside, and planned on this being my birthday present on January 30th of this year. I missed the target by a few days, but I got the television today.

    Here's my old 52" Samsung television running the PS4.

    This is the box displaying all of the technolgy of the television.

    Here's a scene from The Force Awakens running on a stock PS4 @ 1080p. There's no light bleeding and the colors pop on the screen. It's also letter boxed and you can't even see the black bars, because of how dark they are. I discovered that the PS4 supports HDR as well, after connecting it to this television.

    Here's another scene from The Force Awakens. The 4K upscale AI on this television is amazing. You can see every detail and you'd think that this was the 4K Blu-Ray of the movie. LG's AI upscale is freaking amazing!

    Here's a screenshot of a 4K youtube video I'd made for Forza Horizon 5 running in 4K. It's not a great representation of just how amazing the game looks on this television.

    Anyone looking for an amazing 4K television, that has a MicroCenter in their area, should check out this amazing deal on an OLED 4K display.
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  2. OLED is amazing, totally worth the $$$.

  3. Picked up Legends Arceus, WarioWare Smooth Moves, Prime 3, and Yoshi's Crafted World.
    You act as though payback makes you a noble man, is that a fact?
    Well, you're a goddamn Philistine!

  4. I'll be in the market for a OLED soon. I have a TCL 55 inch LCD and I love it but I want to go larger for the new house. At least 65 inch. TCL still the hotness or should I look elsewhere? I don't wanna go above 1k unless it a big upgrade. What are y'all rocking?

  5. I’d wait to see what QDLED from Samsung has to offer. It’s going to be less expensive than OLED, which will set you back about $2k for above 65” displays. You want the best for gaming and movies, the LG Freesync/G-Sync 120 Hz is the current king, with Samsung’s QLED a close second.
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  6. I have a 77" LG OLED, it went under 3k at one point late last year but I bought it over a year ago so paid a bit more than that. Totally worth it though, I am not a habitual TV upgrader, my last big TV I used for almost 10years.

  7. Our old set was a 2009 52” Samsung LCD with old light bar backlights. It had the caps give out about 4 years ago, when I’d replaced them. I could have made the jump to 4K then, but I wanted the tech to mature a little more before making the jump. The 2022 QD sets could deliver a OLED killing display, but with per pixel lighting it might be even more expensive.

    MicroCenter had the 60 Hz 65” OLEDs selling for a little over $1,400 for the low end and $2k for the high end, and the next step up was 77” at $2k at entry level and $3k for high end.

  8. My friend was selling some games at a Game event being held at the Plano Convention Center last weekend, so I asked if he could sell my copy of Def Jam: Fight for NY. He had it listed at $300, but asked him to drop it to $225, when the show was nearing its end. He ended up selling it for $200, so I gave him $20 of it and had bought a game from his booth earlier that day.

    I picked up SNK Battle Coliseum from him. It was in excellent shape.

    Another seller had SMB3 cart and manual in excellent shape. I've been wanting to get a boxed copy, but I think I'll just get a reproduction box, since people are asking too much for boxed copies in shitty condition.

    I happened to pick up this G’NG game from a HPB a little over a week ago. It was missing the manual, but people on ebay want $90-$100 for a complete set, even is just okay shape.

    So, I decided to check out Etsy, to see if anyone was selling reproduction manuals. I found this guide for $20 shipped. It's a pretty good duplicate for the original and the guy tagged it on the back with a reproduction label.

    The manual's instructions are nice a clean.

    It looks real nice inside of the case.

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  9. Nice pickup on the GnG

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    Nice on GnG


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