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Thread: Cowabunga Dude!

  1. Cowabunga Dude!

    $40 for the whole bundle.

  2. Day -1 for me. It's awesome that they not only have all the games from the 8/16 bit era, they also have all the versions of each game.

  3. I'd get this if it was just the two NES games and Turtles in Time, but that collection is loaded.
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  4. I’ve been wanting an arcade perfect version of the 1st game. The Amiga version looked pretty good, but lacked in the control department.

  5. Good collection, hopefully they don't screw up the emulation.

  6. Digital Eclipse is doing the collection so thats a good sign. I enjoyed their SF and Samurai Shodown collections.

  7. I'm pretty liberal with pre-orders, if I know I'm going to play something I'll just pre-order it. That's a smaller and smaller list of games/developers I trust recently, but man have remasters and collections just been burning us lately. It's been basically a year straight of poor performance and lazy ports.

    So while I totally want this, I'm gonna wait for reviews to confirm it's not a poorly performing cash grab like GTA Remastered or Chrono Cross.

  8. Is the same developer from the Contra & Castlevania collections doing this one? I didn't have any problems with either of those.
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  9. It's Digital Eclipse, as noted by Changeling. They do excellent work!


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