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Thread: Where to sell?

  1. Where to sell?

    It's been awhile since I posted anything FS on eBay etc...

    What are your preferred methods and places to sell old games? I know eBay is basically all in for the buyer and offers little seller protection(s).

  2. I sell my stuff on forums and Craigslist. I sold my old GTX 1080 on CL about 3 weeks ago. We met up at the parking lot of MicroCenter.

  3. I use eBay for most everything I don't sell at the Midwest Gaming Classic every year. If you've got a lot of stuff getting a table or two a convention would be the best way to move a lot over a short time.

    Although remember that starting this year if you're using eBay they're going to report your sales to the IRS if your total for the year goes over $600.
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  4. FB groups are good if you still use FB. Ebay/Mercari are good as well, I have sold off a bunch of crap the past year on Mercari. I like Mercari because it gives buyers 3days to inspect/accept. If they don't respond after 3d it is automatically considered final.

    Also post here for the 3 of us who still hoard stuff.

  5. Ebay sucks now. Everything is taxed and they take a large percentage of profits from the sellers. They can have my middle finger, unless I'm desperate to find something that's a little more rare.

    Mercari is pretty cool, as KOF said. I've bought a few (ahem) things on Mercari that ebay won't allow anymore, like reproduction carts and manuals.

  6. I'm trying Mercari - thanks for the suggestion.

    I don't think you guys would be interested - it's a DS with 27 DS/GBA games but nothing special in there.

  7. I'm curious as to what you're selling as it is. You know let some old men here on the forums get a gander at what's under your good.
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  8. Yeah, I still use my GBA every once in awhile.

  9. No longer available!! Good job


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