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  1. Grand Theft Auto VI

    First meaningful information is starting to come out, still a ways away. They've milked the multiplayer of V too much for my taste, but the single player of every GTA since 3 has been a slam dunk so I can't wait.

    Quote Originally Posted by Some dude named Nibel who the internet says is trust worthy
    Some more Grand Theft Auto 6 details

    - working title Project Americas
    - main location is a fictional version of Miami + its surrounding areas
    - game will evolve over time, adding new cities
    - the game world is already large; more interior locations than prev. GTA games

  2. Expected release is in 2024. Maybe I will have a PS5 by then.

  3. I'm thinking early 2025. Looking forward to it!

  4. In what is maybe the largest leak since HL2, late last night 90 videos of GTA VI early footage leaked. For being early footage, this looks great. I watched about 2 minutes before I didn't want to spoil anything more for myself, watch at your own risk, I'm not embedding this on purpose:

  5. It's really weird how some people thought this was going to make Rockstar to "hurry up" or start talking about the game. Rockstar doesn't and has never rushed into talking about a game that is years away from being launched. And putting out early looks is nearly a death sentence because all the mouth breathers complain about how bad an incomplete game looks.

  6. Yeah it's funny seeing people look at this crazy early footage and have concerns.

    Like, they've literally never made a bad GTA or Red Dead. Ever. I'll trust the final product to be good every time until they actually mess up.


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