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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles 3

    We really didn't get a thread for this? Alright well here's the launch trailers:

    It's THE BEST Xenoblade Chronicles so far. At least to me. It's like offline World of Warcraft (huge environments, tons of different factions to gain favor with, endless side quests, world bosses, etc) where you control the whole 6 person party and also there's a job system. Tons of ways to grow characters, tons of options for builds and variety, but in a way less convoluted way than 2 did; not to mention getting rid of RNG pokemon collecting is a huge and welcomed difference. Just quality of life improvements over and over gain. Also, right out the gate the story is interesting and the deeper I get the more I genuinely want answers.

    Play this fucking game.
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  2. I love XC series, but tbh I have never finished either one or two. I have gotten pretty far in two but these games are so long and bloated, but it could just be me that tends to be OCD about sidequests. I am looking forward to XC3, but I need to devote a big chunk of time to it.

  3. Gonna cross post what I said in the completion thread, but long story short I've cooled off on the game after finishing it:

    Quote Originally Posted by Me after doing almost errything
    Finished the story at about 70 hours played and level 81. Gameplay wise this is clearly the best of the Xenoblade games so far, but those are still a very "your mileage may vary" kind of RPG. Story is less convoluted than others, but it also lacks a lot of soul and isn't very relatable. Battle system is improved, but after so much time it just feels like "throw my completed teams and spongier and spongier bosses and wait for it to end". I also feel like the scope and scale of the game is really hampered by the hardware the more you play. No, graphics don't make any game, but the entire point of this world is that it's grand and enormous and you're just lost in it, but anything 50 yards away or more goes half FPS like Kirby did and it's not very engrossing after a while.

    I feel like I'm being really negative, and I did like the game, but after the honeymoon wore off I can safely say that unless you finished and enjoyed 2, don't bother.


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