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    This thread might not need to exist, but fuck it, we're doing it anyway.

    In 1997 Boffo Game made my favorite ever graphic adventure game called The Space Bar. General idea is you play as a human who can enter aliens memories to try and find a shape shifting killer in a space port bar, before the they're able to escape your jurisdiction. The sound, voice acting and theme are all just fucking awesome. It's pretty damn incompatibly with modern Windows in it's original form and I never hear anyone talking about it. Anyway, this dude has a full playthrough that is awesome and worth watching if you're interested.

    Edit: If you're interested in playing this game you should "not" Google The Space Bar Video Game and look for a page from MyAbandonware. You will "not" find a way to get it.
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  2. That looks so late 90's.

  3. I like the concept. Late 90s games were so creative.

  4. I played this game back in the day and dug it. I think it was publisged by Sega Soft, which is probably why I was interested. It's been a long time since I attempted to run it on a modern PC though. At this point I imagine emulating Windows 95/98 is an option.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Frogacuda View Post
    At this point I imagine emulating Windows 95/98 is an option.
    That appears to be the only way people are playing it.

    Last time I touched it was when I had a Windows XP laptop I found from High School and it could run it in compatibility mode, but that thing is long gone.


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