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Thread: Completion Thread - 2023 The End is Near

  1. PS5: Mafia Definitive - definitely worth a revisit.

  2. PS5: Mass Effect (1) - Definitive. Finally got around to playing this and that's long overdue. Some of the mechanics and lots of walking/looking at the map made parts of this a chore, but the story and voice acting are definitely top notch. Not sure I'll jump right into 2 as my pile of shame is really, really shameful.

  3. (#3) Guardian's of the Galaxy (PS5): I beat this game on the PC a couple of years ago and decided to give the (it was only $20) PS5 version of run. The game runs and looks great. I might revisit this within the next 6 months, to go through a Save + game, to get some of the collectables I somehow missed in the 1s run.

  4. PS5: Diofield Chronicles. It's okay, I mean it's a fantasy RTS/RPG but the story is pretty wooden. Worthwhile if you get it cheap.

    I beat the new COD too but on casual so that doesn't count. Didn't feel like doing the Veteran experience anymore.


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