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Thread: Completion Thread - 2023 The End is Near

  1. Completion Thread - 2023 The End is Near

    #1 Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo (PS5)

    I can barely call this a game. I guess technically, you control some of the action via QTE, but it is so few and far in between, and you can't fail and choices make no difference, that it is really a movie. I mean, it has way less interactivity than say a Traveler's Tales or Quantic Dream game. So with that out of the way, the narrative isn't too bad. But, it is SLOOOOOOOOOOW. Character movement is clunky and slow, the dialogue is awkward (and slow), and the plot also moves slowly (particularly with the flashbacks). It is also very janky, clipping and weird graphical glitches/slowdown is unacceptable for PS5. It just feels unpolished. Having said that, the ending is satisfying so at least there is that. But I wouldn't recommend this unless you really like the movie (and it is not a remake of the movie, more of a re-imagining a modern day of it). But take it with a grain of salt, I have never seen Vertigo but I am pretty sure there is no cell phone in the movie

  2. I finished Sniper Elite V2 (PS4 game played on PS5). I personally like the WWII Sniper games though I know there's not a lot to them.

  3. #1 Astro’s Playroom

    I managed to 100% complete the game for the Platinum trophy. The game was super fun and much better than any of those Little Big Planet games. The Lunar Lander like levels were my favorites.

  4. #2 Stray (PS5)

    I started this last year and dropped it about a couple hours in. At the time, I felt the game was fairly simplistic and clunky. The way you interact with the world is restrictive/artificial. I wish you can just knock over everything. Maybe it was designed for last gen hardware. I decided to give it another shot a few nights ago and just accept the game for what it is instead of what I want it to be. The highlights are definitely the setting, art direction, and overall atmosphere. The robot slum feels like a real place. Most of the puzzles are still fairly simple with a couple of notable exceptions toward the end. I like the story as well. I still have a question about where the robots come from.... I am guess they are servants to the humans prior to the extinction. It is relatively short and I would recommend this, especially if you are a cat lover.

  5. #3 Project Horned Owl (PS1)

    I missed this gun game back in the 90s, since I never got a Justifier (yes I was a Guncon elitist back then). I finally picked this up and a Justifier gun recently and finished it. It is quite enjoyable for a PS1 gun shooter. It is unique in that your shot is not instantaneous like every other gun game. Instead, your shots take about 1/2 a second to travel to where you aim which means you have to often times lead your target. It takes a few minutes to adjust, and it is a pretty cool mechanic to anticipate targets that are farther away. Game isn't too difficult on normal difficulty, it only took me 2 continues to finish as the grenade shot is severely overpowered (Protip: save them for boss fights). I don't understand the grading system though, the best grade I got was "E" and I averaged an "F" at completion even though I hit at least 90% of the enemies with a few grenades in stock. Maybe accuracy counts in the background but they never show you any % so who knows.

    I think this is a fun little gun game that I plan to revisit. Also, the ending has one of the cheesiest 80s theme song ever. Take a listen:

  6. It reminds me of the music during the "enter your name" part of Daytona USA. I don't know what to say about the song that follows.

  7. Horizon Forbidden West PS5

    First off, holy shit this game looks fantastic. I thought Ragnarok looked good, but this is open world and still runs smooth and looks incredible. It started off ok but it was consistently wowing me till the end. Some of the fights were like fighting the god damn Dino Bots!

    The story wasnít really anything amazing but it kept me playing and the payoff at the end was decent enough. Everything was well acted and Aloy wasnít annoying.

    I finally warmed up to the gameplay of shooting parts of the robots ,but I was playing on easy because I hated the damage sponge enemies on harder difficulties.

    I really recommend playing casually just to enjoy killing big robots and taking in the incredible detail of this world.

    I didnít give two shits about playing this but I wanted to see what the PS5 can do and once I gave the game some time it really grabbed me.

    Definitely playing the sequel.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by SamuraiMoogle View Post
    Horizon Forbidden West PS5

    Definitely playing the sequel.
    Do you mean the prequel? I want to play Zero Dawn once I am done with GoW, then play Ragnarok and Forbidden West. These games just take too much time

  9. You’ve never played Zero Dawn?

  10. Yes, I played the first game. I kinda slogged through the first game because it was the first game I played in 4k and it looked incredible. I kinda hated the combat, so thats why I played the new one on easy. Made a big difference for me.
    Korly-"Everyone here is an asshole, SURPRISE!"


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