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Thread: E3 is dead

  1. E3 is dead

    With the console manufacturers bailing out over the years, Ubisoft was the last to say no mas, and the ESA was forced to cancel the show. I think every major publisher said no, so there was little choice. In terms of shows, I guess we have Summer Games Fest and the VGA as the major ones to take over what E3 used to do. Nintendo, Sony and MS all have presentations set for June so that little part of E3 will live on. Not sure if a videogame trade show will return to the US anytime.

  2. CES is about as close to E3 as it will get here. Not a big surprise.

  3. Been on life support before covid now pubs just stream their own stuff. We'll still get alot of announcements around that time, show or no show

  4. as dead as tnl, right boys

    got em

  5. Hi cka! Good to see you.

  6. I was able to attend E3 twice. Fond memories. 2001 and 2002. A friend snuck me into the Nintendo keynote. Got a free squishy GameCube.
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