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Thread: Starfield

  1. It's already locked and loaded on my desktop PC. I probably should load it up on the 4K PC in the living room as well. I'm getting pretty hyped up for it.

  2. I think that Gamepass users can now play this. I started downloading this on the 4K PC in the living room and it was almost finished downloading the 117GB file. I just opened up my 1440p rig on my desktop and decided to see if the game would open. It immediately started downloading 117GB file. I think it might be sharing with the other PC, because it is updated at over 250 MB/s.

    It has begun.

    I played this for an hour and 45 minutes. So far it has been a very good experience. The visuals are perfect for this game.
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  3. I've got about 8 hours in I think, and this game is literally exactly what I thought it would be. I'm enjoying it a lot because I went into it expecting "Fallout 5: This time Space" and that's what it is.

    People complaining that it's not something else are missing the plot. There's other space games out there, there's really good one. This is Bethesda formula space game and I wouldn't want it any other way.

  4. This game feels like what Mass Effect: Andromeda should have been. It's part Mass Effect 2, mixed with Fallout 4 and Wing Commander. I put in about 6 hours with the game over Saturday and today. It's starting to get very interesting.

  5. Bethesda games aren't really my thing (that doesn't change with Starfield), but I thought this was pretty cool:

  6. When people say the game opens up around 8-10 hours what they really mean is play the story until you finish "Into the Unknown" because then the game truly begins.

    After that wander, do bullshit, have fun. But mainline the story until then, trust me.

  7. I'll probably try this at some point (cause FOMO) knowing full-well it isn't a game for me, then get annoyed at it, and never touch it again. That's my personal prediction, but I always hope I'm wrong...

  8. Just buy a month of Game Pass to try the game out. It's better to lose $10, than $70 on something you might not like.

  9. This is definitely a Bethesda formula game. I like it but man does the constant fast travel get really annoying. The Ryukke missions are awful for this. You bounce between worlds and run back and forth doing nothing but talking to people. Itís such a slog.
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  10. That's it's biggest shortcoming.

    Would have been better if there was 1 massive sandbox style world with all the major cities and tons to find and explore, like a Fallout or Elder Scrolls map, and then the other planets were always just frontier stuff. Losing the fun of wandering to a marker on a far corner of the map and exploring what you stumble upon is a huge miss imo.


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