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Thread: Peace Out :)

  1. Speaking of "peace out" - just to be sure: nobody's heard from rezo at all, right?

  2. What’s going on in here?

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  3. Was the site down for a few days or was I just having specific issues getting here?

  4. I don't think there was any downtime. There might be some coming up, coincidentally, but I'll post an announcement beforehand.

  5. I appreciate the perspective (and the funding), Nick. I don't exactly remember how I found my way to TNL. Unlike other forums, I didn't really make a lot of personal connections from this site... whereas from others I made some incredibly close friends. Different times, I don't think I was into TNL until I was in college. Before that I was huge into Forums ... and Modojo? They were formative years for me. I can't remember how they might have been related, either. There must have been some folks cross-pollinating... Neozeedeater or Frog maybe? TNL might never have been my most passionate message board home but I fondly remember the days when it was active, when other boards aren't. Heck, those other boards? I can't find hardly an iota of a post from them anymore. They're - gone - and that makes me sad. (And also a little relieved, because who knows what my 13 y.o. self was saying then.) I'm in a Discord that's pretty active and I enjoy it, but it's so much different than taking your time to write a post, having long-running discussions, convos that people can join in on if they didn't happen to not be looking at discord that day and miss the whole conversation. Or being able to search the internet and discover some random forum post that is insanely interesting or insightful or helpful. I miss message boards. [EDIT: I still don't understand why I can never get my posts to have proper line breaks on this site lately. I look like a maniac.]

  6. Forums are pretty special, as Web sites go. I agree - sometimes people look for some obscure or specialized information that relates to an old product/technology/group and there seems to be almost no information on it besides some fifteen-year-old forum post. You can ask on Reddit or Discord or Facebook and you might get an answer, but it takes more work and the result is a far cry from finding a treasure trove of existing discussion in an established community with even a halfway decent setup.

    As far as this particular forum - believe it or not, I'm updating the site in probably the next month, so it may look a little plainer for a while but it should work better. I am invested in preserving what's here. There's so much of it I haven't read, and it still serves as a potential meeting place for a lot of people I like to hear from.

    There are some old support e-mails I think I may have lost track of. I will be looking at those as part of the refresh. You can post here - or get a friend to post here - with any requests in the meantime. Sorry if I lost track of anyone that had an issue. If you have my phone number, you can always just send a text message.

  7. Hey Nick, question: I just logged in and noticed this bizarre DM from Drewbacca claiming I've been sending him these weird DMs when I've never DMed him in my life. Is something going on with the board where maybe something was hijacked and members are getting DMs from people who never sent them? I don't want Drew thinking that he was ever important enough for someone to actually DM him.

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  8. I haven't heard anyone else say that's happened. Maybe someone got ahold of your password? Or maybe you sleepwalk.Edit: There are about 3200 "guests" on right now and it looks like it's mostly or wholly from China. Is Drew big in China, by chance?
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