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Thread: PlayStation 4 is 10 years old.

  1. PlayStation 4 is 10 years old.

    I didn't get my PS4 until the holiday season of 2014. My PS4 came with a digital copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall and I got a free download of NBA2K14. I find it hard to believe that the PS4 might be my most played console of all-time. I had no Xbox One (360 was my last MS console) and I didn't get the Switch until shortly after the launch of the PS5.

    I'm not much of a collector's edition of games for systems. I'll get maybe a game or 2 like that. Getting the Japanese Big Box of Darius Burst Chronicles for $100 was a no brainer. I also managed to get a couple of Arcade sticks for fairly cheap.

    I'm still quite surprised at how many titles I have for the PS4. I have a pretty good size PS3 collection, but I'm beginning to think that my PS4 collection will eventually more titles and many of them might even be of higher quality. There's a ton of great games I've yet to experience.

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  2. I remember when Resogun was insane looking for anything produced on a console and now no one even remembers it.

    PS4 not having disk based backwards comparability at all missed the boat a bit, but overall I still own a lot of exclusives on it and it was a solid co

  3. I'm loving the Hori sticks gamevet! I was gonna get a White one but ended up getting 2 Qanba stick for my PS4 instead.

    I love my Pro even though its loud as hell. Definitely one of my most played consoles of all time. Still have mine hooked up and I'm going to collect all the physical games I can get for it since everything is so cheap on the secondary market. Mrs. Changeling prefers to play games on PS4's controller over any other.


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