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  1. LR2 log - 20111026

    Let's go.


    8619; 2993 2633 1635 673 1316 Combo 163 B -1181

    go beyond!!, cheeselove, G59, 子供の落書き帳, avalon

    At the end of cheeselove I had 1000 JGreats and Goods and like 900 Greats. I had absolutely no answer for most anything that song wanted out of me. Decent plays of go beyond and babbybook helped out. Avalon not being particularly tough helped too.

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  2. LR2 log - 20111025

    Already lost power once today, just a bit ago. Here's hoping it doesn't happen again.


    9280; 3395 2490 1161 270 797 Combo 202 A -1029

    garden, golden cross, altostratus, 4bidden area, baby blue blanket

    Not too many unusual problems with Garden, and the chart didn't give me terrible scratch chords. Not so hot with Cross. 4bidden Area is mostly cake except for a handful of measures at the end. Overall a pretty easy ...
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  3. LR2 log - 20111024

    Late start due to today's festivities.


    12285; 4282 3721 1770 498 1135 Combo 223 A -2269

    stoic, together, battle train, angel wing, addiction

    Over twelve thousand on EX score and yet two thousand away from an A - that's a lot of notes. Did OK for opening with stoic on the first half but I just could not maintain anything towards the end. Angel Wing didn't give a particularly good random chart this time, and I suspect ...
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  4. LR2 log - 20111023

    Ah, Sunday. No work tomorrow, and in a few hours, Joe Frank and Wordjazz on the radio.

    Then there's this.


    Love is Eternity, then Marine Snow, then... Brain Analysis. Fuck you.


    10548; 3696 3156 1376 476 1305 Combo 307 A -1926

    sunny shiny ring, cutexecute, steel needle, the deep striker, run away

    Thank you, Run Away, from keeping this course on ...
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  5. LR2 log - 20111022

    Work days are going to be such joy now that one of the machines is on the fritz.

    Late start.


    Started with Tricks - fine. Next was Brain Analysis. Do I really have to play five courses in a day to have a set of five songs that didn't come up within the last 48 hours?


    Denjin Chop, then The Ember. I guess the answer to that question is yes. Strike two.

    2011-10-23T00:39:56:739Z ...
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  6. LR2 log - 20111021

    Feeling strung out today. Wonder if I'll be shitty for playing or what.

    Let's find out.


    9866; 3421 3024 1563 499 1593 Combo 131 B -639

    lifework, ピアノ協奏曲第1番"蠍火"(なんでも吸い込むピンク色のための), the ember, ubertreffen, quantum teleportation ...
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  7. LR2 log - 20111020

    Work tomorrow, so I should start things earlier today.

    Warmup course -


    9567; 3425 2717 1482 443 1066 Combo 123 A -1906

    てんてん, dominion, アイーシャの剣-Forcing breakthrough-, コウソク*コンプライアンス, brain analysis

    I enjoyed Tenten more this time than the first ...
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  8. Ettiquette For Dummies

    I'm a shitty fucking mood today.
    It didn't start that way.
    Even though it was rainy and I didn't want to get out of bed, by the time I got in my car for my hour long drive to work I was feeling pretty good.
    I opened the doors to customers at 11:55 am. By 12:10 I was ready to go home.

    Nine times out of ten, the only people who are at my door first thing are people needing cash. Cash for diapers, cash for smokes, cash for drugs, and cash cash cash cash. One ...
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  9. LR2 log - 20111019

    Just finished some Rock Band playing with the wife about an hour ago. Before, it used to take me a while to acclamate to IIDX afterwards. Now with the expert courses at nonstop, it doesn't seem as bothersome. Usually. Let's go.


    7386; 2516 2354 1029 457 1407 Combo 183 B -615

    夢語, beginning of life -ground pulse mix-, jeux d'eau, cherry blossom shower, sequence cat

    The ending of yumego there has some ...
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  10. For some reason I felt compelled to write about Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

    by , 19 Oct 2011 at 03:00 AM (PepsimanVsJoe talks about random games.)
    Youtube-quality graphics, one-dimensional game-design, and what the heck I actually played through this game? I'm sitting on a stack of games that include the likes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the ICO/SOTC set, and a bunch of other games that are supposedly really good. I barely played any of them though, for reasons I'll try to detail in this write-up I spent some quality time with a couple of losers and their quest to create the biggest pile of corpses.

    I didn't play the original ...
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  11. LR2 log - 20111018

    Warmup GO.


    8769; 3001 2767 1366 514 1763 Combo 131 B -732

    next stage!!, baby blue blanket, rainy beauty, bad maniacs, beginning of life ground pulse mix

    Woo, look at that miss count. It would almost appear like I didn't try.

    Back to work.

    			ex	pgr	gr	go	b	p	p/f	nc	onc	%+ 	date
    earth like planet	2060	0647	0712	0382	0252	0855	F	2498	1018	145.38	2011-10-19T00:16:04:998Z
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  12. TNL Sucks

    Why are blogs not more prominent? I had to dig around to find this shit.
  13. LR2 log - 20111017

    Let's continue the same.

    What will the warm up be?


    10071; 3564 2943 1617 484 1237 Combo 168 B -211

    phantom ensemble, aliceblue, chase, bitterblossom dp-3, cosmic magic

    OK well, the reason that yesterday's course seemed so long is because Phantom Ensemble was part of that set. It might be close to the four minute mark, I'm not sure. Bitterblossom and Comic Magic back to back is such a wonderful pairing. ...
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  14. LR2 log - 20111016

    I think I'll do something different today.

    Not yet, though. Warmup course first.


    11167; 4008 3151 1568 609 1737 Combo 249 B -160

    angel wing, perditus paradisus, phantom ensemble, next stage!!, blueray reflections

    This just kept going and going and going. I felt my brain wandering by the time Blueray came around, which may have well helped me play it decently. Perhaps it being the easiest chart in ...

    Updated 16 Oct 2011 at 10:55 PM by dog$

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  15. LR2 log - 20111015


    8621; 3011 2599 1873 474 899 Combo 150 B -805

    arabian rave night, コウソク*コンプライアンス, fascination maxx, 灼熱Beach Side Bunny, lunasa the stormchaser

    Not totally sloppy for the miss count but I couldn't get good traction much of anywhere and couldn't get out of the C range throughout the songs. That I didn't come out of Arabian with a B seems ...
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    Video Games
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