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Tuesday, October 8, 2002 Last Update - 22:30 EST

Hey Guys,

A very quick update today. I've installed a new live request system for TNL Radio. Its still in beta format and I'm not sure if I will keep it or not. I REALLY would like some feedback on the functionality of it. So email me with your thoughts! Here are some of the new things I've added :

  • New Search Engine ...Now you can type in a game you want or simply use the drop down box
  • You no longer have to wait 5-10 minutes for a song to pop comes up almost immediately once its in the queue.
  • The only restriction is that its only 5 requests per IP for each 25(?) minutes.
  • A little "timer" which displays how much time is left on the actual song before the page refreshes with the next track
  • Much faster loading time. (I hope)
There are a few glitches that I have to fix and I'm currently in the process of redesigning it. And there will be some down time on it. If it proves to be unreliable, i will go back to the old format and attempt to find another solution.

This month we present Gitaroo Man. One of the most unique and original rhythm games since Parappa and the Dance Dance Revolution Series. Its really a shame how this games like these never gain mainstream status.

The top ten requested songs wont be updated for awhile since TNL Radio is undergoing beta testing. Sorry.

If you want a good idea of what albums we may have available for playing, the best place to go is Game Music Revolution. It's what our fellow TNL Multimedia staff member , Mik runs.

New Additions:

  • Soundtrack of the Month: Gitaroo Man
  • New Soundtracks Added for TNL Radio: Gitaroo Man, Various compositions by award-winning composer Ron Jones

Until then...


Top 10 Requested songs for the last 30 day(s)


Song title Valid


Max Payne - Max_Payne_Theme (2:54) 37


FF IX (Melodies of Life)~_feature (5:52) 23


R4 RIDGE RACER TYPE 4 - Pearl Blue Soul (6:10) 20


(StreetFighter 2 Tatsumaki mix) - Tatsu OCReMix (5:01) 18


Wild Arms- Staff Credits- "Grand Finale" (5:18) 17


Vagrant Story - opening movie (1:18) 17


Sonic Adventure 2 OST - Live 13


Metal Gear - 01 operation intrude (0:35) 13


(Super Mario Brothers) - Techno Remix (3:22) 12


Metal Gear Solid 2 - Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (3:53) 11


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