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Feature TNL Developer Spotlight: Looking Glass Studios 01/14/2004
Anyone can talk about redefining games, but Looking Glass has done it

Welcome to another in our series of Developer Spotlights, wherein we give you a rundown of a video game maker that we feel is worth knowing in depth - a little history, a brief look ahead, and whatever multimedia gems we can dig up.

This month's feature is on Looking Glass Studios, an outfit responsible for some of the greatest PC adventures of all time and a lot more. If you have never tried a Looking Glass game, we hope this article will pique your interest. If you are among the fortunate, we hope it will deepen your appreciation for this amazing group of artists.

Special thanks to NeoZeedeater from the TNL forums for writing not only this history, but blessing the boards with the stories of developers across platforms and across decades. Thanks also to Ross Fisher for the reviews.

Through the Years with Looking Glass
(The rise and scattering-to-the-winds of a legendary developer)

Looking Glass Games Front & Center
(A complete gameography and a closer look at three notable titles)


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