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Xbox 360 icon Enchanted Arms [Xbox 360] [9/12/2006]
Ubisoft RPG 2
Xbox icon Mortal Kombat: Deception [10/21/2004]
Midway Fighting 3.5
Xbox icon Burnout 3: Takedown [09/27/2004]
EA Games Racing 5
Xbox icon Test Drive: Eve of Destruction [09/22/2004]
Atari Racing 3
Xbox icon Galleon [08/18/2004]
Atlus Adventure 3
Xbox icon Spider-Man 2 [08/02/2004]
Activision Action 3
Xbox icon Thief: Deadly Shadows [08/02/2004]
Eidos Stealth 3.5
Xbox icon Metal Slug 3 [07/23/2004]
SNK Action B
Xbox icon Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy [07/14/2004]
Midway Action B
Xbox icon Showdown: Legends of Wrestling [07/13/2004]
Acclaim Wrestling D
Xbox icon Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay [06/14/2004]
Vivendi Action A-
Xbox icon Breakdown [04/14/2004]
Namco Action A-
Xbox icon Tenchu: Return from Darkness [04/13/2004]
Activision Stealth Action C
Xbox icon Unreal II: The Awakening [04/01/2004]
Atari FPS C-
Xbox icon Ninja Gaiden [03/15/2004]
Tecmo Action B-
Xbox icon Star Trek: Shattered Universe [03/01/2004]
TDK Mediactive Action D
Xbox icon Deus Ex: Invisible War [02/02/2004]
Eidos Adventure A
Xbox icon The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King [01/27/2004]
Electronic Arts Action A-
Xbox icon Links 2004 [01/27/2004]
Microsoft Sports B+
Xbox Beyond Good & Evil [01/24/2004]
Ubisoft Adventure A
Xbox Spy Hunter 2 [01/14/2004]
Midway Action C
Xbox Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time [12/23/2003]
Ubisoft Adventure A+
Xbox Project Gotham Racing 2 [12/10/2003]
Microsoft Racing A
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PS2 icon Bully [10/30/2006]
Rockstar Adventure 4.5 / 5
PS2 icon Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner [10/10/2006]
Atlus RPG 2.5
PS2 icon Okami [10/09/2006]
Capcom Adventure 4
PS2 icon Rule of Rose [09/12/2006]
Atlus Survival Horror 2.5
PS2 icon Spy Fiction [10/21/2004]
Sammy Studios Fighting 2.5
PS2 icon Katamari Damacy [10/18/2004]
Namco Fighting 5
PS2 icon Def Jam: Fight for NY [09/24/2004]
EA Games Fighting 4
PS2 icon Street Fighter Anniversary Collection [09/14/2004]
Capcom Fighting 4
PS2 icon Astro Boy [09/08/2004]
Sega Action-adventure 2
PS2 icon Way of the Samurai 2 [08/24/2004]
Capcom Adventure 2.5
PS2 icon Athens 2004 [08/05/2004]
SCEA Sports 2
PS2 icon Galactic Wrestling [07/13/2004]
Bandai Fighting C
PS2 icon Transformers [06/30/2004]
Atari Action B
PS2 icon NBA Ballers [05/06/2004]
Midway Sports A
PS2 icon Onimusha 3: Demon Siege [04/30/2004]
Capcom Action A
PS2 icon King of Fighters 2001/2001 [04/12/2004]
SNK Neo·Geo USA Fighting B+/B
PS2 icon R-Type: Final [03/08/2004]
Eidos Action A-
PS2 icon Mafia [02/13/2004]
Gathering Adventure B-
PS2 icon Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II [02/03/2004]
Interplay Action-RPG B+
PS2 Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando [01/14/2004]
SCEA Action B
PS2 Manhunt [01/02/2004]
Rockstar Games Action B+
PS2 Jak II [01/02/2004]
SCEA Action A-
ps2 Need for Speed Underground [01/02/2004]
Electronic Arts Racing C+
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GameCube icon WWE Day of Reckoning [09/14/2004]
THQ Wrestling 2.5
GameCube icon The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures [07/15/2004]
Nintendo Action-adventure C
GameCube icon Custom Robo [06/02/2004]
Nintendo Action/Fighting B+
GameCube icon Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles [04/14/2004]
Nintendo Action RPG A-
GameCube icon Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes [03/24/2004]
Nintendo Action A-
GameCube icon Sonic Heroes [01/26/2004]
Sega Action C
GameCube Pac-Man Vs. [01/14/2004]
Namco Action B
GameCube Mario Kart: Double Dash!! [01/02/2004]
Nintendo Racing C
GameCube Star Soldier (Import) [01/02/2004]
Hudson Soft Shooter B
GameCube Doshin The Giant [12/02/2003]
Nintendo Simulation B
GameCube Splinter Cell [11/06/2003]
Ubi Soft Action B+
GameCube Kirby Air Ride [11/04/2003]
Nintendo Racing C
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Handheld gaming icon 50 Cent: Bulletproof, G-Unit Edition [10/17/2006]
Vivendi Action 2.5 / 5
Game Boy icon Astro Boy: Omega Factor [09/08/2004]
Sega Action 4
Portable gaming icon Warfare Incorporated [07/23/2004]
Handmark RTS B+
Game Boy Advance icon River City Ransom EX [06/09/2004]
Atlus Action B+
Game Boy Advance icon Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga [03/24/2004]
Nintendo Action RPG A
Game Boy Advance icon Metroid: Zero Mission [03/09/2004]
Nintendo Adventure B+
Game Boy Advance Sonic Battle [02/11/2004]
THQ Fighting B
Game Boy Advance Fire Emblem [12/01/2003]
Nintendo Strategy RPG A
Game Boy Advance Double Dragon Advance [11/25/2003]
Atlus Fighting A-
Game Boy Advance Demikids [11/25/2003]
Atlus RPG B
Game Boy Advance Megaman Zero 2 [11/03/2003]
Capcom Action A
Game Boy Advance Final Fantasy Tactics Advance [10/27/2003]
Square Enix Strategy A-
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Arcade Soul Calibur 2 [09/10/2002]
Namco Fighting A

PC icon The Ship [11/01/2006]
Mindscape Adventure 4 / 5
PC icon Sam & Max, Episode 1: Culture Shock [10/17/2006]
Telltale Games Adventure 4
PC icon DUO [09/01/2004]
Binaryzoo Action 3
PC icon Doom 3 [08/18/2004]
Activision FPS 5
PC icon Battlefield Vietnam [05/18/2004]
Electronic Arts FPS B+
PC icon Far Cry [04/07/2004]
Ubisoft FPS A+
PC Dragon's Lair 20th Anniversary [02/16/2004]
Digital Leisure FMV B
PC Empires: Dawn of the Modern World [01/02/2004]
Activision Strategy B+
PC Max Payne 2 [10/30/2003]
Rockstar Games Action C+
PC Space Colony [10/29/2003]
Take-Two Interactive Simulation B
PC Halo: Combat Evolved [10/13/2003]
Microsoft Shooter A-
PC WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne [08/13/2003]
Blizzard RTS A-
PC WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos [08/13/2003]
Blizzard RTS A
Mac Europa Universalis II [07/15/2003]
MacPlay RTS A
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