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иии Columns/Special Articles

TNL Show and Tell: Call of Duty Action Figure иии 09/24/04
"Oh, me so hollow!"

TNL Show and Tell: Ryu Bust иии 09/14/04
Ryu and Evil Ryu, meet tiny limbless Ryu

TNL Show and Tell: Sub Rebellion Toy иии 09/06/04
I wouldn't send GI Joe down in that!

Interview: Shigeru Miyamoto иии 08/20/04
Nintendo's star player talks about the past, present, and future

TNL Next: N-Gage иии 08/07/04
Game reviews and previews and the real story on the QD

TNL Show and Tell: Space Channel 5 Tin иии 08/07/04
It's pretty, but you don't want to take it dancing

Game Journal: Star Wars Galaxies - Part One иии 08/05/04
We always knew Diffusionx was from another planet

TNL Show & Tell: Dr. Muto Bobblehead иии 08/02/04
I hope this doctor prescribes something for the terrible nightmares he causes

TNL Show & Tell: Pathway to Glory Bag иии 07/23/04
Pack up your troubles and start on the path

TNL Next: PlayStation 2 иии 06/28/04
Can gaming's 300-ton gorilla stay on top?

TNL Show & Tell: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Album иии 06/26/04
A record that's not what it appears to be? How fitting!

Interview: Yuji Naka иии 06/15/04
Sega, Sonic Team, and god-like power

TNL Show & Tell: Enthusia Portfolio иии 06/15/04
Pin-ups for a respectable garage

Developer Spotlight: Capcom Production Studio 4 иии 06/12/04
Meet Capcom's resident evil programmers

Zero's E3 Diary иии 06/09/04
L.A. Confidential

TNL Show & Tell: Square Enix at E3 2004 иии 06/04/04
Square Enix alphabet soup: FM, FMA, FFVII, FFX, and more

Kano and 'Ninjas E3 2004 Awards иии 05/25/04
The real story on E3 2004

TNL Show & Tell: "Wacky Goemon" Stuffed Figure иии 05/25/04
Squeeze softly and carry a big pipe

TNL Show & Tell: Sega Hot Wheels иии 05/05/04
I guess it beats running around inside a giant ball

Hardware Review: Sony Dual Analog Pad иии 05/04/04
Was this long-lost relative of the Dual Shock a better controller?

TNL Show & Tell: Knickknacks иии 04/28/04
A Manhunt voice changer, a PlayStation pen, and Sony, Xbox, and Resident Evil watches

Game Journal: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - Final иии 04/25/04
This, Puff the Magic Dragon, and Alice in Wonderland - 'Nuff Said

The Gaming Report: April 24, 2004 иии 04/24/04
Our search for gaming perfection continues

Game Journal: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - Week 4 иии 04/24/04
The final week - part one

TNL Show & Tell: 989 Sports Cooler иии 04/24/04
A perfect place to store that backup liver

TNL Show & Tell: Sonic and Knuckles Stuffed Figures иии 04/21/04
Yeah, these are animals you want to hug tight!

The Gaming Report: April 17, 2004 иии 04/17/04
Love for the classics and a place to rest you rear

TNL Show & Tell: Nyko Fan Light иии 04/17/04
Point a few of these at your head for enhanced driving game realism

Game Journal: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - Week 3 иии 04/15/04
Feeding dogs, helping beggars, and using the loo - for our loyal readers

TNL Show & Tell: K.K. Slider (Animal Crossing) иии 04/09/04
Now K.K. can play for you all day - if your stereo's on

The Gaming Report: April 9, 2004 иии 04/09/04
A second helping of "Now playing"

TNL Show & Tell: Capcom Mega (Man) Feature иии 04/06/04
Your guide to the Mega Man lifestyle

The Gaming Report: April 5, 2004 иии 04/05/04
The games, lives, and loves of some TNL staff

TNL Show & Tell: Cat in the Hat Promo Pack иии 03/30/04
Look like a goof while watching a horrid movie

Game Journal: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - Week 2 иии 03/30/04
How to become one with the land and get sorta engaged

TNL Show & Tell: Hobbit Bag иии 03/27/04
Perfect for epic journeys or just hiking around the Shire

TNL Show & Tell: GameCube and Xbox Seats иии 03/23/04
Sit your bum proudly on the GameCube and Xbox - just like Sony!

Pandora Tomorrow World Premiere Event иии 03/23/04
NY vs. LA over Xbox Live - and a real-life Splinter Cell phone!

Game Journal: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life иии 03/22/04
One man's ascent into pastoral bliss

TNL Show & Tell: Ninja Gaiden Wall Scroll and Shining Lore Panda иии 03/12/04
Brighten up your bachelor pad

Hardware Review: Hori Digital Controller иии 03/09/04
Give your hands a trip down Memory Lane

TNL Show & Tell: Shen Hua Figure and Notepad иии 03/09/04
Dream of mysterious women and jot down your thoughts

TNL Show & Tell: Harvest Moon Cow иии 03/02/04
Mammaries to last a lifetime

The Weekly Gaming Report: February 24, 2004 иии 02/24/04
Gentlemen, start your Game Boys!

TNL Show & Tell: Ikaruga Sake Set иии 02/24/04
Get lit and fly fast

TNL Show & Tell: Game Boy Advance Clock иии 02/17/04
Just like the GBA, backlit would've been better

TNL Show & Tell: GameCube Travel Clock иии 02/13/04
And you thought the GoBots were high-tech!

TNL Show & Tell: Vintage Pac-Man Goblet иии 02/10/04
Drink to me (and run away) only with thine eyes

TNL Show & Tell: AiAi Stuffed Doll иии 02/06/04
Cute as a button and high in potassium

The Weekly Gaming Report: February 2, 2004
What's on TV? Find out what the staff is playing

TNL Show & Tell: Resident Evil: Outbreak Survival Kit иии 02/03/04
Live to run another day

TNL Show & Tell: Nintendo Bobblehead Promos иии 01/30/04
Like big-head mode in Melee, but more useful

Developer Spotlight: Treasure иии 01/30/04
A look inside the Treasure box

TNL Show & Tell: Metal Arms Desk Lamp иии 01/27/04
Light up Droid City

TNL Show & Tell: Spy Hunter Vehicles иии 01/24/04
The first cars in a parade of swag

Developer Spotlight: Looking Glass Studios иии 01/14/04
A story of artistic triumph and financial disaster

Editors' Choice Awards 2003 иии 12/29/03
The very best and the very worst of the year

Mario Wax Museum Pictorial иии 12/22/03
Mario vs. The One

The Weekly Gaming Report: Volume Twenty-Three иии 12/22/03
What has the staff been playing recently?

Weekend Report: December 22, 2003 иии 12/22/03
A look at the industry's recent releases

Eye Toy Review иии 12/11/03
It's different, but is it fun?

Weekend Report: December 8, 2003 иии 12/08/03
A look at the industry's recent releases

The Weekly Gaming Report: Volume Twenty-Two иии 12/08/03
What has the staff been playing recently?

Propeller Arena Impressions иии 12/08/03
A look at what should've been

Replay! Vol. 1: Disgaea иии 11/28/03
Does Atlus' cult hit stand up to the new holiday titles?

The Weekly Gaming Report: Volume Twenty-One иии 11/24/03
What has the staff been playing recently?

LiveWire: Volume 2 иии 11/25/03
TNL chats it up with Kenn Harris

Weekend Report: November 17, 2003 иии 11/17/03
A look at the industry's recent releases

The Weekly Gaming Report: Volume Twenty иии 11/10/03
What is the staff playing these days? Look inside and find out.

Prince of Persia Launch Party иии 11/04/03
Check out how Ubi Soft kicked off the launch of their new title!

PlayStation 2: Three Years Old иии 10/27/03
A look to the past, and to the future.

The Weekly Gaming Report: Volume Nineteen иии 10/24/03
What is the staff playing these days? Look inside and find out.

Replay! Vol. 1: Soul Calibur 2 иии 10/17/03
A look back at one of the biggest games of 2003

LiveWire: Volume 1 иии 10/18/03
TNL taps into the minds of the online community players.

First Look: PowerPlay Europeиии 10/13/03
Europe's Public Gaming Event!

The Weekly Gaming Report: Volume Eighteenиии 10/10/03
What is the staff playing these days? Look inside and find out.

Retrospective: N-Gage E3 Press Conference иии 10/07/03
Was it an omen of things to come?

Tokyo Game Show 2003 Report иии 10/01/03
A pictorial tour of Japan's biggest game show

Tapwave Zodiac Preview иии 09/29/03
It's so tiny! Please don't kill it, Mr. GBA! Please don't!

The Weekly Gaming Report: Volume Seventeen иии 09/26/03
What is the staff playing these days? Look inside and find out.

The Weekly Gaming Report: Volume Sixteen иии 9/09/03
"GMR" hits Sweet 16

F-Zero AX Report иии 9/02/03
View two dozen snapshots of the Nintendo/Sega arcade racerracer.

Classic Gaming Expo Report иии 8/26/03
Teddman gives us a photographic tour of the 'anti-E3'.

The Weekly Gaming Report: Volume Fourteen иии 8/04/03
This is the report you've been looking for; move along (inside).

Interview with Spy Kids stars Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara иии 7/24/03
Teddman breaks all taboos... and his curfew.

Sega Happy Meal Toys иии 7/17/03
Small, adorable, and cholesterol-free

AFX With a Very Special Message (07/15/03) иии 7/15/03
More words of wisdom to tattoo on your back

Lucky Wander Boy Book Review иии 07/13/03
Love, loss, and obsession - gamer style

Nintendo Preview Day 2003 иии 07/08/03
Ali and Nintendo - a match made in Heaven

The Weekly Gaming Report: Volume Thirteen иии 6/24/03
Our lucky number?

AFX With a Very Special Message (06/17/03) иии 5/29/03
Can he avoid the sophomore curse?

Ikaruga: Modern, Subliminal Racism иии 6/12/03
Lighten up, it's dark humor!

The Weekly Gaming Report: Volume Twelve иии 6/10/03
Beatin' our souls - and then some!

The Weekend Update (06/07/03) иии 6/07/03
Now with less tact and humor

The Weekend Update (05/30/03) иии 5/29/03
Stand back! Burgundy thinks he's informative AND clever

AFX With a Very Special Message (05/29/03) иии 5/29/03
Our trolling editor finally gets series

Bahn Replugged: E3 2003 иии 5/29/03
Guess who's back? Get ready, this column's about to get heavy!

E3 2003 Wrap-up иии 5/27/03
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder why

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