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Feature TNL Show and Tell: Call of Duty Action Figure 09/24/2004
"Oh, me so hollow!"

It's a special treat for fans of WWII shooters today, a promo item that can still be gotten rather than one that's passed on by. It's most likely available at a gaming emporium near you for the low, low price of free with reservation of the console version of Activision's Call of Duty: Finest Hour for either the PS2 or Xbox - and a respectable bit of swag it is, too.

The American G.I. action figure, judging from the packaging, is the first piece of an entire set based on Call of Duty. Judging by this guy alone, it looks to be a fairly nice collection for both fans of military action figures and the World War II shooter, being both nicely detailed and (McFarlane Toys, take note) well articulated. The arms alone twist at the wrist, bend at the elbow, twist mid-upper arm, and have two axes of rotation at the shoulder. Hardly a revolution in posability for a commercial figure, but certainly above and beyond what's expected of a gaming freebie.

Our fighting American G.I. ("Buy War Bonds!") stands 6.5" tall, a height that would make any red-blooded American action figure proud. He comes with a variety of pouches and tools good for any situation, including a holster for his pistol. If I were to level one complaint at this (and I can find only the one thing to gripe about, too), it's that the holes on his belt don't hold the pouches in place as well as they might. His backpack and "entrenchment tool" both tend to fall off pretty easily. Other than that one petty grouse, this is an amazingly nice giveaway and Activision should be rewarded for their largesse by every single person reading this (both of you) rushing right out and reserving your copy now. Now, I say!

Disclaimer: The figure came with no instructions or pictures on the proper way to affix the extra bits to his belt. Any screw-ups in arranging the utility belt loadout are therefore all Activision's for not telling me how to do it right.

Call of Duty action figure Call of Duty action figure Call of Duty action figure

Call of Duty action figure Call of Duty action figure Call of Duty action figure Call of Duty action figure

· · · James Cunningham

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