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Feature TNL Developer Spotlight: Treasure 01/30/2004
The story of a company built on wild action and wilder translation

Welcome to another in our series of Developer Spotlights, wherein we give you a rundown of a video game maker that we feel is worth knowing in depth - a little history, a brief look ahead, and whatever multimedia gems we can dig up.

Treasure is one of the most beloved game developers on our message boards for a very good reason. A fun, idiosyncratic approach tempered with integrity and incredible skills has earned the company the admiration of millions. Heck, it seems like half the editors on staff at TNL have Treasure fan pages.

It is to one of these editors, Chris Rubin (MechDeus), that we turn for this history. You can find Chris's site at

Gaming Heroes
(How to leave behind a sure thing and carve out your own niche)

Treasure Games Front & Center
(A complete gameography and a closer look at three notable titles)


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