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PS2 Jurassic Park: Survival Developer: Savage Ent. | Publisher: Universal Int. Studios
Type: Adventure Skill Level: ...
Players: 1 Available: November 2001

Last Updated: 7/09/01

Two weeks ago, we gave you a initial glimpse of Jurassic Park - Survival, an action-adventure title loosely based on the upcoming feature film Jurassic Park III. Thanks to Universal Interactive Studios, we have all new screenshots depicting more of the intense action of David Vaughn (the main character of the story) will encounter. In addition, to your right, we've also included some artist conceptual sketches for you to check out! For additional information, see the preliminary highlights below.




Last Updated: 6/29/01

With the next installment of Amblin Entertainment's highly popular dinosaur franchise scheduled to hit theatres next month, Universal Studios is already prepared to deliver with its own video game adaption of the upcoming feature film, Jurassic Park III. Developed by Savage Entertainment, Jurassic Park: Survival presents an original plot which distincts it from the motion picture.

Players will assume the role of David Vaughn who visits Jurassic Park with a team of researchers on an investigative expedition. Unbeknownst to Vaughn, however, the armed security team protecting the substation is actually a spy group smuggling dinosaur DNA off the island in order for a rival corporation to catch up on years of dinosaur research. When ambushed, chaos ensues and the unassuming hero, Vaughn must confront the dinosaurs defeat the terrorists and single-handedly save his colleagues from certain death.

Savage Entertainment has truly captured the atmosphere within Jurassic Park: Survival as players will become immersed into the heart-stopping action, as they come face-to-face with the dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes (but each repsectively dangerous). Utilizing the graphic potential of the PS2, Survival recreates the world and creatures of Jurassic Park in stunning detail. Players familiar with the theme of primal fear featured in Dino Crisis will fully be able to relate to the intensity which Survival delivers. One must be ready to act at all times as you chase, attack and outwit human and saurian enemies. With danger lurking behind every corner, effective strategies will be essential element to elude enemies, and in turn, rescue the rest of the expedition and save the dinosaurs inhabiting the island.

Based on its current development, Jurassic Park: Survival looks to be welcomed edition for both fans of the motion picture and action types alike. We'll continue to provide up-to-date information as it becomes available. Until then...we suggest watching your back in the event of a prehistoric beast standing within your midst.

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