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PS2, Xbox Whiplash Developer: Crystal Dynamics | Publisher: Eidos Interactive
BahnRating pending
Type: Action MSRP: TBA
Players: 1 Available: Fall 2003

Whiplash artworkSociety has expressed a strong disgust for subjecting animals to cruel experiments, even in the name of science. It's certainly a sensitive topic, but this isn't a discussion of ethics - we're addressing video game entertainment.

Today we took a look at what's been brewing in Crystal Dynamics' development pot and were served a new appetizing update loaded with humorous spice. Previously entitled Chain Gang, Whiplash is a character-based action game starring a shackled animal duo (Spanx and Redmond) on a mission to escape, sabotage an evil animal product-testing organization, and ultimately bring down The Man.

You'll take control of Spanx, the primary character of the game, while Redmond serves as a multi-purpose tool for weapon/utility purposes. Specific examples of this include chain-whipping opponents or using Redmond as a grappling hook to swing over hazards. You'll also be able to manipulate him in a variety of ways like the following:

  • Hare Clog: clog a toilet with Redmond creating a foul flood to ward off enemies
  • Flaming Fur Ball: ignite Redmond to scorch attackers
  • Toxic Bunny: marinate Redmond in toxic waste to poison your foes

The developers' objective is to create a unique, sophisticated game that moves beyond the typical monotonous platform mechanics. "Our goal is to redefine this genre by adding relevancy and depth to the gameplay while remaining highly accessible," said Noah Hughes, Lead Designer of Crystal Dynamics.

In traditional Crystal Dynamics style (see Gex), Whiplash features a unique band of baddies which Spanx and Redmond will face off against, including an unsanitary surgeon, a giant syringe-toting doctor, vicious guard dogs, and of course - the vindictive and corrupt CEO better known as "The Man". Also of note, you'll need to wreak havoc throughout the entire compound, including a genetic research lab and lavish executive offices, to name but two. By destroying everything you encounter, you will ultimately put the shady corporation out of business forever. To aid you in your escape, you can also free other enslaved animals, which in turn will serve as a distraction or even go as far as creating their own chaos against the band of baddies.

"Crystal Dynamics has always been an internal hotbed of innovative ideas and creativity," says Rob Dyer, President, Eidos Interactive. "Eidos firmly believes Whiplash will quench gamers' thirst for fresh, original gameplay. The game's focus on highly interactive environments, deep combat, mass destruction, and satirical humor, along with the ultimate goal of 'bringing down The Man,' will appeal to gamers of all ages."

The controls are intuitive and the game is loaded with comedy appeal that platform addicts should wholly enjoy. While it's still early in development, Whiplash is shaping up to be a fun gem for the Fall season. Look forward to additional updates as they become available.

All screen shots are from the PS2 version.

(New Screens 7.17.03)


(Post-E3 Screens 6.4.03)

Whiplash screen shotWhiplash screen shotWhiplash screen shot
Whiplash screen shotWhiplash screen shotWhiplash screen shot
Whiplash screen shotWhiplash screen shotWhiplash screen shot
Whiplash screen shotWhiplash screen shot

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