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Xbox Totaled! Developer: Rage Software | Publisher: Majesco
Red Terrier
Type: Action Skill Level: N/A
Players: 1-4 Available: June 2002

Majesco has announced that its upcoming smash em up' "Demolition Derby" style title has been renamed to Totaled. Forget about tweaking your engine - no time for pit stops. Just relentless metal-mangling, car smashing fun!

The game is still on course for its Spring 2002 release. In addition, Majesco has announced new screenshots and info as listed below:


  • Extensive, realistic damage and wreckage system;
  • Both the outer shell of the car (hood, fenders, doors) and the chassis underneath can sustain damage;
  • 12 hotrods, muscle and performance cars, each with their own driving styles & attributes;
  • Exceptionally detailed at over 10,000 polys each;
  • Nitro boost for that little extra kick;
  • Totaled! runs at 60 fps, providing flawless, highly detailed action and environments;
  • Exciting replay/highlights system;
  • 8 indoor and outdoor tracks and arenas with unlockable extras, plus 4 areas for Challenges.
  • Multi-player: destroy your pals with up to 4-player split-screen competition;
  • Scoring based on the deranged audience's "Crowd Pleasure" meter;
  • Game Modes: Career, Arcade, Multi-player and Team games;
  • 18 customizable game types & challenges. Among them;
  • Free for All - standard deathmatch style of game;
  • Hunter - score from hitting a changing designated target (you or other vehicles);
  • Stuntman - points are scored for pulling off stunts, jumps, spins and destroying breakable objects;
  • Eliminator - a race where the last player to pass through successive checkpoints is eliminated;
  • Offensive Driving - take out an opponent in a given time period;
  • Defensive Driving - a two-on-one challenge where the objective is to stay alive;
  • Multi-tag - hit every other vehicle in the arena within a given time frame;
  • Bus Jumping - go for as many as you can!
  • Target Jumping - dodge traffic, hit the ramp and nail the target;

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Last Updated: 2/27/02

Back in the days before Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8, vehicular combat meant something to the effect of "smash the other guys with your car and make things go boom." Forget the power-ups and missile attacks; real men get up close and personal to do their damage. Times were simpler, and now Majesco and Rage Software are bringing you back to the basics with their new smash-em-up, Totaled! for the Xbox game console. There are no weapons or guns in sight, just good old head-on collisions.

The goal in Totaled! is to pretty much destroy all the other cars in the arena, demolition-derby style. Where things get interesting is the manner in which you do this; players can choose from 12 cars, each with it's own unique style and handling.

Each car will be made up of over 10,000 polygons, and will feature a realistic damage system; everything on the car can be damaged and will affect how the car handles. Got sideswiped by that hot rod? Your doors will dent and windows will crack. Land on top of a muscle car after you hit a jump? Your chassis and steering could be affected. These will all affect your driving and maneuvering, so kamikazes will have to think twice before smashing everything in sight.

The game will feature a whopping 18 different play modes to keep things fresh, some of which include:


  • Free for All - standard death match mode.
  • Stuntman - points are scored for successful stunts, jumps, and busting up objects.
  • Eliminator - a race where the last person through the checkpoint is out.
  • Offensive/Defensive D riving - Take out an opponent in a given time, or survive a two-on-one match.
  • Bus Jumping - Evil Kanevil would be proud as you take to the air and try to clear a line of buses.


With a unique scoring system based on damage dealt to other cars, and bonus points awarded for crowd pleasing hits, Totaled! should have a little more depth to it than just mass destruction.

Lastly, Totaled! will feature single player, arcade, and career modes, as well as a 4-player split-screen death match and team games. Buckle up and unleash some road rage when Totaled! hits this Spring.

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